by Gretchen Gurganus

Dr. Nadarajah is a trustworthy, caring, professional and I would refer him to anyone with periodontal needs. He answered my many questions before my surgery, and ensured I was healing well by calling me after my surgery. His experience and professionalism is evident through his work and follow-up with his patients. The staff at his office are also so helpful and willing to work with your schedule no matter how busy you are, which was great!

by Linda Butler

Dr. Nadarajah has to be one of the best doctors I have ever seen.   He is professional, caring, and empathetic.   His work is excellent and he is a highly skilled professional.  He ensures that all of his patients are comfortable.  He explains the treatment plan explicitly and takes the time to answer all questions in detail.  Nadine and his office assistant are wonderful and caring people as well.  I highly recommend this office.  The best periodontist in Maryland!

by Theresa Moebuis

Not only is Dr Nadarajah and amazing doctor he is an amazing person and very caring.  Nadine his receptionist is very nice.  Going there is like visiting family.  I’ve been a patient for 5 or 6 years now .  Thank you to Dr Nadarajah and his staff !!

by Bonnie Lorenzen

Dr. Nadarajah did gum drafts on 2 of my teeth. It was painless.  Great office staff and very professional.  He called the day after my surgery to see how I was doing.  I have more to go !!

by Connie Paladino

Had an excellent result on gum surgery.  I would encourage anyone needing gum work to consult with Dr. Nadarajah.  He is an experienced, trusted professional that does top notch work.  The very best, so lucky I found him!

by Laura Faccone

Dr. Nadarajah was recommended to me from my dentist when I needed a gum graft.  During my initial visit, Dr. Nadarajah was very thorough with looking at my teeth and fully explained all of my options to me.  Once I decided to get the gum graft, the office sent all of my paperwork, post-op directions, and prescriptions to me ahead of time so I was fully prepared by the time my surgery came.  Everything went off without a hitch.  Dr. Nadarajah and his office staff were very friendly and professional throughout my visits - I would definitely return back to him for further periodontal needs.

by John Filigenzi

Dr. Nadarajah and his entire staff are fantastic. Highly recommended.

by Michael Staab

Dr. Nadarajah made the whole experience of gum surgery as comfortable as it could possibly be. No pain (until after or course), very professional, friendly staff, and worked with our family financially. I highly recommend him.

by James Carroll

Dr. Nadarajah was referred to me by my long-term dentist, for provision of periodontal services to finalize implant surgery services initiated at an alternate location. Acting in a very timely manner, he thoroughly assessed my needs and quickly implemented a plan resulting in a solid implant bridge installation completion spanning a 3-tooth area.  Most recently a second dental implant need was discovered in my aging teeth, and he once again very thoroughly assessed my needs, proposed a long-term solution, and is now implementing this plan requiring tooth removal, bone grafting , and installation of 2 individual dental implants.   All services are provided in a timely, convenient, courteous, and very competitively priced manner.

by Elias Lakew

Exceptional service. He explains the treatment plan in detail answering all questions; he ensured that I was comfortable during the whole procedure. He personally called me to check how I was doing. His office staff and his assistant are equally excellent and professional.

by Johnny Jones

Kudos to Dr. Nadarajah and his Staff. His practice was recommended to me by my dentist Office and I am grateful to them for that. I went to Dr. Nadarajah for a crown lengthening procedure and was pleased with the professionalism of the staff and the doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Nadarajah.
John Jones

by Beth Cohill

Dr. Nadarajah is an outstanding periodontist!  My husband and I have been his patients for over 10 years.  His care and professionalism is top notch.  He has always been honest and upfront with us in the planning and cost involved in maintaining our teeth and gums.  He is an educator, as well as, practitioner in that he will explain the problems and solutions as he examines and evaluates your mouth.  His concern for your whole well being is not only from the dental prospective but for you as his patient!  We would highly recommend Dr. Nadarajah as a wonderful periodontist and individual.

by Vishaal Badhri

He is very technical in his Perio cleaning and deep cleaning. His office is so clean. He clearly explains about the issues and suggest the required treatment. I prefer referring him to my friends.

by Francis Oursler

I highly recommend Dr. Nadarajah. He and his staff are professional, courteous, and friendly. I have had extensive work done over the past 10 years and could not be more pleased

by Melanie Schroeder

Dr. Nadarajah and his staff were wonderful before, during and after my surgery.  Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for periodontal care.

by Eric Rome

I highly recommend Dr Sathiyanathan Nadarajah.    His workmanship is second to none.    It's great to say that there is still a doctors office that does not keep you waiting and sticks to their appointment times. Not only is he a great doctor but very enjoyable to deal with.

by Willie Harris

I have been seeing Dr. Nadarajah for almost a year. I have serious periodontal issues such as bone and tissue loss. Dr. Nadarajah has been a true lifesaver in keeping my teeth. We have just finished gum surgery on the first quadrant and I am extremely satisfied with the results. I would recommend Dr. Nadarajah to anyone who requires extensive dental treatment. Dr. Nadarajah makes me feel like he cares about my well being. He also remembers details about my family and conversations that we have had over the past few months. I have found my Dental specialist for life.

by Marissa Bennett

I truly can't say enough positive things about Dr. Nadarajah. He is by far the best doctor I have ever had and I would recommend him to ANYONE. His skill and professionalism is outstanding. I have a very high level of anxiety but Dr. Nadarajah made me feel comfortable during each visit and explained everything very clearly and thoroughly. I was nervous when I found out I had to get gum surgery but Dr. Nadarajah walked me through the entire process from start to finish. The following day (Saturday) after my procedure Dr. Nadarajah even called to check-in and see how I was doing. I can't say I know of any other doctor out there that would go out of their way to call a patient outside of business hours, let alone on their weekend to check-in. That level of service and professionalism is unbeatable and hard to come by. I can honestly say I enjoy my visits to Dr. Nadarajah's office because it's not like your typical doctors visit. His office staff is extremely friendly and polite, the environment is welcoming, and the level of service is top notch. They all go above and beyond for their patients. When you read through the reviews from other people, it doesn't come as a surprise that each one is a 5-star rating with nothing but excellent things to say about Dr. Nadarajah and his practice. I would give him a 10+ star rating if I could and I will 100% return to Dr. Nadarajah in the future for any specialty dental work. If you are searching for a periodontist, go to this doctor - you will not be disappointed!

by Daniel Williams

Dr. Nadarajah is an outstanding periodontist. I have been a patient of his for a number of years. He is very skilled at perio cleaning as well as deep cleaning. My regular dentist and hygientist have commented as what a nice job he has done with my gums. His office is attractive and his staff is very competent. I recommend him without reservations of any kind.

by Nathan C

Dr. Nadarajah did a great job grafting a severe gum recession I had developed. This was my first periodontal experience and Dr. Nadarajah made sure it was as pleasant as possible. His explainations of the procedure were thorough and the procedure itself went extremely well. I strongly recommend Dr. Nadarajah to anyone seeking a periodontist.

by Penelope Licitra

I highly recommend Dr. Nadarajah.  The entire office is professional, knowledgeable, honest and caring.  Dr. Nadarajah’s friendly personality instantly put me at ease and he explained my options thoroughly.  Nadine always very patiently answered all of my insurance questions.  Happy patient!

by Betsy Diggs

I have been to Dr. Nagaraja for approvimately 9 years referred by my dentist in Westminster, Md..after many horrific experiences  with other periodontal specialists. He has always been very kind, friendly and professional. At this time I am on maintance every four months. Hs has a remarkable memory always asking about my family etc. He takes the time to listen and to explain his procedures. I have and would refer anyone to him. Nadine has also been very professional, friendly and helpful..

by Esther Kusnick

I am pleased with the results of my periodonal surgery.  Very caring  and efficient staff.

by Amanda Hoffman

Dr. Nadarajah is phenomenal. I was referred by my dentist. When I contacted the office Nadine, Dr. Nadarajahs receptionist, was so kind and helpful. It made me feel comfortable and at ease.  My first visit to the office I was a nervous wreck. When I arrived both Nadine and Dr. Nadarajah were so welcoming and polite! After meeting them and being in the office I knew I was in the right place! Dr. Nadarajah is very patient, knowledgeable and professional.  I had to have two teeth removed and I'm in the process of implants. Dr. Nadarajah has been attentive to my needs and mindful in every aspect. He and his staff do a great job and they keep their work space immaculate! I highly recommend using Dr. Nadarajah! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!

by Bill Curran

I travel over an hour from Fayetteville, Pa. to the Frederick office .It is worth the trip. The treatment is excellent and Dr. Nadarajah, Nadine and staff are very personable and helpful.

by Jeffrey James

He's the Best , very informative and professional, took the fear out of going , would Highly recommend

by Olds Dude

It is always difficult to chose a medical professional when the need arises. Dr Nadarajah was recommended by my family dentist for an extraction and implant procedure. I had read good things about him online and so I decided to meet him for myself. It did not take long for me to feel that he was a good choice for my procedure. He met me on time, was friendly and professional, and spent an abundance of time with the examination and thoroughly explained the entire process.The actual procedure for the first phase went smoothly, during which he exhibited genuine concern while doing his utmost to limit any discomfort. It was a very thoughtful of him to personally call me at home to check on my well being after the procedure. I really appreciate his conservative attitude and his philosophy of "do it right"  the first time. The entire office staff is also very pleasant and friendly. Thanks for every thing

As an update after phase 2 of the procedure: I am still extremely pleased with the process and Dr Nadarajah's extreme attentiveness. He has gone to great lengths to minimize discomfort and ensure a successful outcome.  I really appreciate his willingness to answer all questions fully and explain in detail every facet of the process to be sure that I am informed and understand what to expect. Thanks again, Randy

by Paulette Earp

Keeping in mind that I am a high stress patient Dr. Nadarajah and his Eldersburg staff couldn’t have been more caring and "patient".   At one point in the procedure I woke myself up snoring we all had a good laugh on that.  Most importantly Dr. Nadarajah explained thoroughly the necessity for the bone implant I needed and the procedure to make that happen.  I would highly recommend Dr. Nadarajah and his staff for your periodontist needs.

by Judy Drake

I had a dental problem that seemed unsolvable. I was referred to Dr Nadarajah today. His office personnel took me in virtually immediately. I no longer feel helpless and clueless. He was thorough and knowledgeable and gentle. Finally I am hopeful that I will be fixed as I got quality care. I highly recommend both him and his personnel. 

by Donna Loper

I have been a patient of Dr Nadarajah for many years. He and his staff always  treat me courteously as well as professionally.  He is flexible and reasonable in recommending treatment plans, and his work is excellent.  


by Katie Doyle

I have been a patient of Dr. Nadarajah for the past 7 years and I am so happy to have him! If there is ever a doctor you need to have complete trust in, it is a periodontist, and Dr. Nadarajah is that man! I cannot say enough good things about him.

My dentist recommended him to me in 2005 because of gum disease. I went and saw Dr. Nadarajah for a consult. He was very kind, professional, and explained my gum disease to me in simple terms. He gave me his recommendations. Time slipped away and I didn't return to see him until 2007. Unfortunately for me, my gum disease had greatly progressed over those 2 years. Dr. Nadarajah explained  that I needed surgery in all 4 quadrants of my mouth because of significant bone loss. He gave me all the information I needed and gently explained to me what this surgery would entail. It was scary for me to hear the details of this, but I felt very comfortable with Dr. Nadarajah and trusted him immediately. 

I had two surgeries over the next few months. We did one side at a time. Dr. Nadarajah went over in detail what I needed to do prior to the surgery, e.g. taking an antibiotic, filling my prescription for pain pills, etc. He also went over and gave me instructions for after my surgery. On the day of my first surgery I arrived and was noticeably nervous. He talked to me again about what would be done during surgery and explained to me again what to do after the procedure. He was able to help me relax with his calm and gentle demeanor, and his great sense of humor! I stayed calm,  made it through the surgery, and of course it was painless because of novocaine. 

Dr. Nadarajah always calls the day after surgery to see how I am doing and he does this for all of his patients. He is available all the time as he gives his patients his cell phone number. He has really helped me with pain control as certain medications do not work for me. He gives excellent follow-up care to make sure everything is healing well and in between my regular appointments.

For the last 7 years I see Dr. Nadarajah every 6 months. I alternate in between with my dentist. I need cleanings 4 times a year to keep my gum disease under control. He keeps my dentist well informed and I like that my dentist knows what is going on when I have my appointments with him. I  had another surgery due to receding gums, but by then, I was a pro!

He goes out of his way to help me be comfortable. I do not like oral surgeons and I needed a tooth pulled at one point. Dr. Nadarajah pulled my tooth for me because he understood how I felt and knew I trusted him. 

I do not think people would say this often - if at all, but I actually look forward to my appointments with Dr. Nadarajah! We have developed a very good relationship over the years. I also have a great relationship with his staff. Nadine is awesome! When I go to his office there is a lot of laughter which I love! We have gotten to know each other and have shared stories of our families and everyday life. Every time I go to see him he always asks me about something we talked about the last time I was there or asks about my sister or how my job is going, etc...It is really nice to have a doctor who really does know you. 

I highly recommend Dr. Nadarajah! If I ever move, I would travel hours to see him because of the trust I have in him, his excellent care, his patience, his professionalism, his calm and gentle demeanor, his amazing sense of humor, and because of the great relationship we have formed over the years. He is amazing and I am truly delighted and thankful that I have him caring for me.

by Manny Subramanian

Dr. Natarajah is a wonderful dental surgeon.  He performed my dental implant.  He was very pleasant, explained the process in detail and made sure that the whole procedure was least painful.  If you are considering dental implant, or other surgical procedures I would strongly recommend that you consult him.

by Stacy Robinson

Dr. Nadarajah's office is very welcoming.  His staff is very friendly and easy to work with.  Right away I appreciated him looking over the paperwork that was needed to be filled out before my appointment.  He went over it with me and asked many questions.  I felt Dr. Nadarajah was extremely thorough and I appreciated his sense of humor.  I already recommended him to a friend and anyone that would need an honest opinion and a thorough exam.

by Nancy Mears Brady

Dr. Nadarajah was recommended to me by a co-worker who is a patient in their Frederick office.  Having a tooth extracted is a frightening prospect; however, having a tooth extracted by someone you've never met adds a higher level of anxiety.  Not the case here.  The staff makes you feel welcome and alleviates any tension you may be experiencing.  Unlike some other professional offices, where you feel you should take a number and wait your turn before you're called to the front desk,  Dr. Nadarajah greets you when you arrive and escorts you back to the treatment room.  He thoroughly explains the procedure along with any possible issues that may arise during the recovery process.  He personally hand writes instructions as to what is needed before surgery in addition to writing out prescriptions for medication needed before and after the procedure.  Dr. Nadarajah makes me laugh.   That's important to me when I have to sit in any treatment chair for longer than one minute.   I would recommend Dr. Nadarajah to anyone who needs the service of a periodontist.

by Randy Wilcox

I've been a patient of Dr Nadarajah's for over 12 years, and can say without reservation that he is an excellent choice for ongoing periodontal treatment. I'm in my upper sixties, and still have all of my natural teeth, due to his excellent care. I had serious gingivitis when I first visited Dr Nadarajah's practice, and without intervention would have no doubt lost teeth. My teeth are now stable, and will probably outlast me. Dr Nadarajah and his staff are personable, his rates are reasonable, and wait times are minimal. 

by Ruth Letriz

I was nervous, due to anxiety, about my dental proceedings. Dr. Nadarajah provided calming encouragement and thorough periodontal  work, superb service.  Nadine is also an integral part of the team and welcomes you extremely friendly. Excellent facility and services. Highly recommend.

by Tammy Jones

Dr Nadarajah is not only an excellent periodontist, but he takes the time to get to know his patients.  He used to work in Elkton once a week which is how I met him, but I live in Cecil County and travel to see him because hes that good and personable!

by Karin Tome

Dr. Nadarajah and his staff did an excellent job putting in an implant for one of my front teeth.  He explained the whole process thoroughly before we started and gave me time to think it over.  When I was ready, he worked in conjunction with Dr. Barbara Bell for each step - the removal of the tooth, the placing of the implant, and the final crown.  Throughout the process, he was considerate of my stress level (!) performing an excellent job with the surgery.  Everything he did healed well without undue pain.  Nadine worked on insurance claims, helping me along the way.  I would recommend Dr. Nadarajah and his staff to anyone who needs a tooth implant or other oral surgery.

by Edgar Allen

Couldn't ask for more. Dr. Nadarajah was professional, sincere, and knowledgeable. The receptionist is friendly, organized, and prompt. This was a quality visit for a reasonable price. Couldn't ask for much more. The assistants are in training but seem to be in good hands.

by Zhenghui Cai

Have been visiting Dr. Nadarajah's office for about 5 years now. He is nice and professional. Very pleased.

by Bruce Blocher

When I went to Dr. Nadarajah I needed several periodontal procedures for gum disease and bone loss.  He explained everything in a way that made sense to me.  The procedures went well with very little pain.  I actually enjoyed my visits and would recommend him to others who made need similar procedures.

by Jonathan Metzger

I needed an extraction and Dr. Natarajah was recommended by my general dentist. I put off doing it but shouldn't have because Dr. Natarajah was the best choice for me. Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. Didn't have to wait but a very few minutes in waiting room.  Dr. has a great sense of humor which put me at ease at once. I never had a moments pain. I would 100% recommend Dr. Natarajah for your extractions or periodontal needs.

by Kathleen Haskin

I was referred to Dr. Nadarajah by my dentist. I had some concerns about the bridgework I had done by a former dentist. 
It was easy to get an appointment at the Perio Implant center in Frederick. This was the first time I had visited a periodontist. He addressed my concerns and also checked my teeth, gums and measured for any bone loss. I can say that I was completely surprised that he found an issue in an area I wasn't concerned about. He explained everything thoroughly, encouraged me to have a second opinion done (probably more for me to make the best decision)
Everyone made me feel like I was a part of the team. Their directions were clear and easy to follow. I feel they prepared me very well for the treatment I needed. 
Nadine, Dr. Nadarajah, and his assistant are very warm and caring. They took good care of me. My husband and I appreciate that.

by Beverly Stevens

I was referred to Dr Nadarajah for treatment of periodontal gum disease. During my consult, it was also determined I have substantial bone loss and my wisdom teeth should be removed. My proposed treatment was extensive and my anxiety level was at 11. I appreciated that Dr Nadarajah did not rush through my office visits, but took time to explain everything and answered all my questions so that I could have a better understanding of my issues to make an informed decision.

After 6 months, my periodontal treatments were completed. Dr Nadarajah did everything in his power to ensure the best treatment with the least amount of discomfort to me before and after the surgeries. I can honestly say I had very little discomfort with any of the procedures.

You can trust Dr Nadarajah to do what is best for you as his patient. I would recommend him to others. He and his staff are kind and compassionate, while maintaining a professional and quality practice.

I am fortunate you took me on as your patient. Thank you for your patience with me.

by Wendy Boyd

Dr. Nadarajah is wonderful.He is caring and is experienced as well .My husband and I are happy that we are his patients.If you are in need of periodontal services I highly recommend him.

by Thomas Mason

Dental work was necessary and Doctor Nadarajah was always communicating, informing me of the steps to the procedure. Dr. Nadarajah's patient interaction is personable and friendly, which eases much in the way of nerves! And I am happy with the results. If anyone requires gum/perio work, Dr. Nadarajah and his pleasant staff are most highly recommended!

by Philip VanWerkhoven

I visited Dr Nadarajah for referred oral surgery that I needed. I required several procedures and follow-ups, and Dr Nadarajah is the best oral surgeon I have ever had. He is very thorough, knowledgeable, kind, takes the extra effort to get to know you, and addresses your concerns. Pre-proceedure information and after care follow-up are handled personally. When my daughter needed oral surgery, I definitely brought her directly to Dr Nadarajah, he and his staff are first rate!

by Sarah Gawens

I am satisfied with Dr. Nadarajah's work with my dental needs.  He worked around my schedule and his staff is very friendly, laid-back people, which made my experience with them non-intimidating.  When it came to the actual surgery and the post-surgery care, he was very precise in details and his follow-ups were thorough, making sure my recovery was a success.  I would recommend Dr. Nadarajah to others in need of periodontal work.  My only advice is the best way to contact his office is by email.  I remember when I was first trying to contact his office by phone for the consultation appointment, it was difficult to reach him since they are not in the same office building every day.  I found out later that email was the easier form of contact.

by Johanna Edwards

Dr. Nadarajah and his staff are very welcoming. I have never had to wait longer than a few minutes for my appointments. Nadine is very aware of your schedule and is very willing to work with you to get you in for an appointment. I am a teacher, and she always knows when I have off so she tries to schedule my appointments on these days. During the appointment, Dr. Nadarajah explains everything so you can understand your problem, the necessary treatment, and how to care for yourself after a surgery. After getting my first surgery, Dr. Nadarajah was available to answer any questions/concerns I had. This sometimes meant talking to me outside of his office hours. He and his staff have really helped me through a difficult diagnosis which has required multiple surgeries. They have made this experience stress free for me. I would recommend Dr. Nadarajah to any of my family members and friends.

by  Johanna Edwards

Dr. Nadarajah and his staff are the best around! Not only do they know me as a patient, but they all have gotten to know me as a person. They are all very caring and flexible. I am a teacher, so Nadine always tries to schedule my appointments when she knows I am off. She is also doing something right because I have NEVER waited longer than a few minutes in the sitting area before my appointment.

During my visits, Dr. Nadarajah has been excellent at explaining what is going on with my dental health. He is clear in what he plans to do for treatment. As of now, I have had 2 surgeries and every time Dr. Nadarajah has been informative about what he is doing and how I need to take care of myself after leaving his office. He made himself available for questions/concerns which meant speaking with me outside of his office hours. This was a huge help during the healing process. Dr. Nadarajah also called several times to check on me after both of my surgeries.

I would highly recommend Dr. Nadarajah to all of my family and friends!!

by  George

I was referred to Dr. Nadarajah for a tooth extraction, which I was very reluctant in doing since I have had some very traumatic experiences in the past with oral surgery.After the examination Dr. Nadarajah discovered that I had as infection underneath the tooth that was to be extracted and that I would need a bone grafts. Dr. Nadarajah convinced me that if I didi not have the bone graft, the infection could spread and could suffer additional tooth extractions. Dr. Nadarajah was very through and took pictures to document the entire process, as well as making sure I was not fleeing any pain throughout the procedure.

After the procedure, Dr.Nadarajah sat down with my wife and went over in detail the post op instructions, ensuring all of her questions were answered. Not only were we provided his cell phone number to reach him if needed. Dr. Nadarajah called me personally to see how I was doing.The surgery went very well and I did not experience any issues whatsoever. Dr. Nadarajah's out standing professionalism and compassion towards my well being resulted in a very pleasant experience that will not be forgotten.

by  Linda

My name is Lind and I was referred to Dr. Nadarajah by my dentist for some specialty work. I had a bad abscess that I desperately needed to be removed and gum surgery.I am by nature afraid of any kind of dentist.But Dr. Nadarajah explained every thing to me and put me at ease. The abscess is gone and I have had gum surgery done and it was a breeze. He is very knowledgeable, kind and patient.I appreciate all that he has done for me. Thank you Dr. Nadarajah.
P.S : His staff is just kind.


by  Cinda

I have been coming to Dr. Nadarajah for the past 10 years because he is caring, gentle and kind. I usually have considerable distress at dental visits and the prospect of gum surgery and bone grafting was not a happy one. But I had two such procedures recently and I was comfortable and relaxed through out. At every level I have experienced trust respect and professionalism.Dr. Nadarajah really cares about his patients and their teeth.I would recommend him to any one in the area.

by  Yiming

Dr. Nadarajah is very kind and professional, his office staffs are very helpful too. My surgery went very smoothly and he gave me detailed information so the recovery was no problem at all. I also like the fact that I don't have to wait long to see him for all my appointments.

Thank you!

by Randy Nunnally

It is always difficult to chose a medical professional when the need arises. You were recommended by my family dentist and I read good things about you online, so I decided to meet you for myself. It did not take long for me to feel sure that you were a good choice for my procedure. You met me on time, were friendly and professional, and spent an abundance of time with the examination and thoroughly explained the entire process. The actual procedure went smoothly, during which you exhibited genuine concern while doing your utmost to limit any discomfort. It was very thoughtful of you to personally call me at home to check on my wellbeing after the procedure. I really appreciate your conservative attitude and your philosophy of “do it right” the first time. Your office staff is also very pleasant and friendly. Thanks for everything.

by  Maxine Casey

I have been a patient of Dr Nadarajah's for just over a year and have only wonderful things to say about his professionalism and care. Not only was he able to make me less nervous about my extensive dental work that needed to be done but was so patient and explained everything in detail. It was basically a painless procedure and I am so grateful for that. He is obviously a very caring and kind person to not only his paying patients but to others he hears about. AS we were getting acquainted on my initial visit he found out that my daughter, a social worker in the Baltimore City school system, was in need of help in providing her young students with the particular sweat shirts that made up their uniform. Dr. Nadarajah opened his wallet and handed me money to go buy some of those necessary clothes. Another occasion was near the Christmas holidays and again he gave generously so that the kids would be able to enjoy a Christmas party. But that's not all. Last summer when I was in a remote area of the US I had an episode that I thought may have been a slight stroke. It was a Saturday and of course my family doctor was not available for a phone consult. I had Dr. Nadarajah's cell phone number, called him and he was very kind and advised me on what I should do. A few hours later that same day he called again to see how I was feeling. All I can say is WOW wouldn't it be great if we had more caring Dr's like Dr. Nadarajah.?

by Kim

Dear Dr.Nadarajah,
I wanted to thank you again for your generosity. I truly appreciate everything you have done to help me. I have known you for the long 16 years.You truly are an amazing doctor and an inpidual.

by  Kristine Kimbrel

After reading all the reviews, I have to say that they really are true! I was recommended by my regular dentist for some periodontal work that had to be done. I was very apprehensive about going, but I knew it would only get worse if I didn't go. Dr. Nadarajah is very personable, professional, good "bed side manner", affable and smiles and laugh easily. Everything is very clean and he is very particular with you having the best experience possible.... He also goes into detail to explain your options to you, which is very important to me. I felt that I was in good hands during the whole procedure once he explained everything. He is so concerned for his patients that you have his cell phone number after procedures are done, so that you can call him with any questions or issues! This makes everything that you need to come to him for much easier to bear. Not every Dr or Dentist goes this extra mile. This is a rarity these days. I would highly recommend him to anyone. I give my experience with Dr. N an A+++.!! Thank you for everything... See you in 6 weeks!

by  Beverly

I was referred to Dr. Nadarajah in July for treatment of periodontal gum disease.During my consult, it was also determined I have substantial bone loss and my wisdom teeth should be removed. My proposed treatment was extensive and my anxiety level was at 11. I appreciated that Dr. Nadarajah did not rush through my office visits, but took time to explain everything and answered all my questions so that I could have a better understanding of my issues to make an informed decision.

Six months later, I have completed my periodontal treatments. Dr. Nadarajah did everything in his power to ensure the best treatment with least amount of discomfort to me before and after the surgeries. I can honestly say I had very little discomfort with any of the procedures.

You can trust Dr.Nadarajah to do what is best for you as his patient. I would recommended him to others. He and his staff are kind and compassionate, while maintaining a professional and quality practice.

I am fortunate you took me on as your patient . Thank you for your patience with me.

by  Jane

When my dentist informed me that I needed to see a periodontist, for some dental work, I became highly anxious. However, upon meeting Dr. Nadarajah, and sharing my concerns with him, he did his best to put me at ease. He saw to it that I was comfortable during the procedure.He was extremely through in both the examination and the work that I needed to have performed.He even found a second problem that had not yet been detected by my dentist.

I now feel very confident that my dentist sent me to one of the top periodontist in the area, and I would be more than happy to recommended him to others.

by Tracey DeWeese

Dr. Nadarajah and his staff are very professional and great to work with. I was extremely apprehensive about a necessary tissue graph procedure and Dr. Nadarajah made it as pleasant as possible. He did a fantastic job explaining my options and the procedure, reassuring me and making me comfortable, his follow up was excellent and the whole process was done with minimal pain and discomfort. I've enjoyed working with him and his team so much so that I'm willing to go back for round two. At the onset, I wasn't sure that I would be willing to do so. Thank you Dr. Nadarajah.

by  Ashwini

It is a genuine pleasure and honor for me to recommend Dr. Nadarajah from Frederick. I have been his patient for over a year and it has been delight knowing him. I had an implant done last year and I was in a panic state of mind.After calming my fears down, he took his time explaining the procedure to me. He went above and beyond his call of duty by checking on me 24 hours post-op. I could not have picked a better surgeon for my implant.His friendly staff is always there to greet you with warm smile

by  Richard

I was referred to Dr. Nadarajah about 10 years ago by my dentist. Dr. Nadarajah is very thorough in his exam and he explains all of his procedures. I have used his Periodontal services several times and each time the discomfort after the procedure was very minimal. He gave very easy to follow instructions regarding dental hygiene following the procedure and called the following day to follow up on my care!. I still go back for routine cleaning every 6 months. I would strongly recommend Dr. Nadarajah to friends and family.

by  Pam

Dr. Nadarajah and his staff are always professional and personable. I recently has a surgical procedure and I am amazed at the results. The process went very smoothly and Dr. Nadarajah explained everything to me along the way. He was very attentive during the healing process and made sure that I was able to reach him at all times. His gentleness and compassion are greatly appreciated.

 by Lisa
My dentist recommended I see Dr. Nadarajah for treatment of receding gums. She assured me that he was very good. One of the dental assistants at the practice had worked with Dr. Nadarajah, she told me that he was wonderful and I would be very happy with his treatment. Though I trusted them, I was skeptical about being happy with anything involving periodontia.
I have been very impressed with the treatment I have received. The office is bright and pleasant. Office staff has always been pleasant and helpful. Paperwork is mailed prior to the appointment which makes the process convenient. Dr. Nadarajah has performed graft placements on two separate occasions. Each procedure was completed with minimal discomfort. Dr. Nadarajah’s calm, pleasant personality helped to put me at ease. He explains all steps that will occur and makes sure to answer all questions fully. He follows up by phone and is always accessible by cell phone. I recognize the effort that has gone into the efficiency and quality of this practice from start to finish. I would highly recommend Dr. Nadarajah and his staff to anyone needing periodontal treatment.

 by Maksed
My experience with Dr.Nadarajah and his staff has been nothing but great. I found Dr.Nadarajah and the staff to be very gentle and caring. He is very well versed, knowledgeable, approachable, empathetic and optimistic. To me that makes a world of difference.

The information provided to me prior to my surgery was through, informative and helpful. The surgery itself was far less painful and trying than I anticipated. Everything went smoothly.

The postoperative care and follow up was excellent. Dr.Nadarajah personally called everyday to makes sure that there was no issues post op. I appreciate the care, dedication and his professional approach to Dentistry. I would definitely recommend Dr.Nadarajah to my family and friends.

 by Heidi

Visiting the Periodontist is not my favorite thing t do, but Dr. Nadarajah made the experience very comfortable. Dr.Nadarajah and his staff are kind and welcoming. Dr.Nadarajah was very good at explaining what needed to be done and taking time with you. I would not go to another Periodontist. His knowledge and compassion are remarkable. Thank you Dr.Nadarajah for all you have done me.

 by Joyce
I want to thank you so very much for making a difference in my life. You took my worn out self and put a big sparkling smile on my face. You were extremely professional and so kind. I always knew I was being given the best treatment.

I never forget one thing you said to me. You said that if you did not do the right thing, you would not be able to sleep at night. That was such a big deal to me. Trust is high commodity in today’s crazy world. I would be a miss it I did not also include warm and friendly staff. So from the bottom of my gums I thank you.

 by Sandy & John
We wanted to thank you for your generosity of time and talent and for your utmost patience with our son. We are all grateful to have you on his team. Our son thinks the world of you and so do we.

 by Dorian
Dr.Nadarajah performed a Frenectomy for my daughter to prepare her for braced that she will need in the near future. Upon the first meeting him and his staff it was obvious that he is a very genuine and sincere. After processing my insurance, we were notified that they would not cover the cost. But Dr.Nadarajah insisted that he would perform the surgery any way at no cost. On the day of the surgery, both my daughter and I were very anxious. The staff and Dr.Nadarajah were very patient, very explanatory so I was aware of what was happening, and very sensitive to fear that we both had. All of those helped to put us at ease.

After the surgery, I asked my daughter how she felt about Dr.Nadarajah and the way the surgery went. She had two comments that stuck out to me, as a parent, the most. She was very grateful for him helping us in spite of our negligent insurance. She commented on how nice and patient he was with her during the surgery, even giving her a way to communicate with him if he was hurting het too much. She greatly appreciated that. She is now fully recovered through the successful surgery with no issues.

I can confidently say that Dr.Nadarajah is more than a Periodontist, he is man with heart for helping others! We thank you, Dr.Nadarajah for what you have done for our family.

 by Glen
Dr.Nadarajah has always been extremely professional and gentle. Two qualities I really appreciate in dental and gum care. He has treated me for over 10 years and for various procedures and always with positive results. I highly recommend Dr.Nadarajah and his staff for any periodontal issues you may be considering.

 by Beth & Jack
I cannot thank you enough for your help and professional advice. I deeply appreciate you going beyond being just our Periodontist.

 by Karen
Thank you for always being so kind and personable as well as professional. You have taken an otherwise unpleasant experience and made it as tolerable as possible. Not only do you show your patients that you care, but it is obvious that you care about one another as well. All of the fear is removed as I walk through your door, as I know I am in the best care possible. You are a wonderful example of what a successful staff should be.